Meet the Man Behind the Champ

The Champ’s pilot is Tim Barron. Tim has an amazing flying pedigree; he’s the latest in a line of exceptional pilots.


Tim’s father was an RAF pilot flying low altitude reconnaissance in Spitfire Mark XIV’s and Mustangs and after WW2 he joined the South African Air Force. Tim’s ex father-in-law was in A Squadron as a test pilot at the Empire Test Pilot School at Farnborough and Boscombe Down.


Tim gained his pilot’s licence in 1988, and has flown many different types of aircraft, from Mooneys to the most basic the VP2 (the flying plank). Though his favourite (and most fun plane) is his 1946 Aeronca Champ with its 70-horse power engine, which is the Cheeky Champ.

C.W.A. Scott

Tim’s grandfather was the renowned aviator C.W.A. Scott (pictured).


Scott, in 1924 to 1925, displayed aerobatics at the Wembley and Hendon air tattoos. Then, in 1929 while one of the early QANTAS pilots, he set numerous records flying around Australia. In 1931 Scott set the England to Australia flight record of 9 days and again in 1931 he set the Australia to England record of 10 days. In 1932 he cut his earlier England to Australia record down to 8 days. By 1933 he was the lead display pilot for the British Hospitals Air Pageants.

Scott won the 1934 England to Australia Air Race in the DH88 Comet G-ACSS Grosvenor House (pictured) with Tom Campbell Black as co-pilot, setting the England to Australia record of 52 hours that still holds to this day for a piston-driven aeroplane.


In December 1935 he bought Sir Alan Cobham’s Air Circus, which became “C.W.A. Scott’s Flying Displays Ltd” doing crazy flying, flour bombing, balloon bursting and all the fun stuff of the 1930’s.


In 1936 he won the Schesinger Air race (England to South Africa) and during WW2 ferried planes across the Atlantic.

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